Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rest of Our Favorites This Year (So Far)

So far we have looked at our favorite Picture, Nonfiction, and Fiction books.  But that's not the only things in the library.  Oh no!  For our fourth and final look at the items the children's department loved this year, we are focusing on the books and other things that don't quite fit into the other three categories.  Poems, beginning readers, and movies all make the cut of the best.

Miss Rachel

 My Friend is Sad
by Mo Willems
Kids LOVE this book about Piggie trying to cheer up his best friend, an elephant named Gerald.
E easy to read WILLEMS

Miss Elaine

Bake, Mice, Bake!
by Eric Seltzer
An interesting plot, easy, repeated words, and darling illustrations that have a lot of kid appeal.  It doesn't get much better than that in early easy readers!
E pb easy to read SELTZER

Miss Shih-Mei

Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse
by Marilyn Singer
Each poem, when read from top to bottom, tells a fairy tale - and then, from top to bottom, the same tale from a different perspective.  Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, these ingenious poems put a new twist on the old favorites.
J / 811.54 SIN

Miss Lora

This movie is a neat re-telling of the Rapunzel story.  The animation is great and just wait 'til you meet the horse, Maximus.

Miss Lauren

The Muppets
Both adults and kids will love the Muppets' adventure to reclaim their old theater.  Adults will enjoy all the 80s references and there is plenty of the kiddy humor and re-purposed modern music that the Muppets are famous for.

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